Jan 18th: Trading Thursdays

Best advice here for this week is to diversify your portfolio.

Ethereum and Ethereum Cash- buy, buy and buy these, consolidate and put away in your wallet and forget about it. Ethereum and Ethereum Cash have got a long way to go and they still have a lot of legs. We can foresee as Ethereum gets more and more use cases (e.g. Smart Contracts, Proof of concepts)

Use Bitcoin cash as a HEDGE against Bitcoin

But make sure, please, please, please you’re doing this with the ultimate goal of building up more Bitcoin. It’s important to have a diversified portfolio but as soon as Bitcoin gets over the problems with.

Jan 17th: ICO Wednesdays

My mother’s birthday today, folks, let’s wish her well…

I asked my 2 year old daughter what do you say to people who have birthdays, she replied ‘Happy…’ I said yes and what else, she then continued ‘Happy New Year’ well I suppose fitting enough for this time of year isn’t it.

Has anyone got a great idea for an ICO – if yes we’d love to hear about it here. Likewise if you’re already part of an ICO and you need development help we’ve got a few partners who we would like to recommend you to.

I’ve received a few brilliant ideas for an ICO platform and I want to share them briefly with you HERE

Jan 12th 2018: Five Coins Friday: ETHEREUM CASH

Welcome to our Five Coin Friday!

Remember here we try to dissect the world of crypto currency and of course the main aim and objective is to make as much profits and to crush it in crypto for 2018. Of course you should ALWAYS diversify your portfolio and never remain only holding one coin. Having said that I try to make my profits and profits for my fellow crypto crusaders and then put the original investment back into BITCOIN.

Here you go my fellow crypto crusaders let’s see how well we’re going to call it this week. Last week we were on a roll.

08.01.2018 – 12.01.2018 we seem to be in some sort of TRANSITION DAYS which is fair enough Bitcoin seems to be moving sideways.

We’re still bullish on the following 5 coins though

1. Ethereum Cash

2. Ethereum
3. Litecoin
4. Tron
5. Stellar Lumens

In fact so much so we’re putting together a book on all of this crypto stuff entitled ‘Tales from the Crypto’