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Learn how to make a profit by following simple TACTICS and PROVEN STRATEGIES to win in Crypto!

Together with my students, we’ve done this hundreds of times over the past 2 years and so far have achieved a following of 100s of you great people out there. Our simple formula teaches you how to trade SAFELY and SECURELY and turns your idea into a really generous side income.

Do you LOVE Crypto? Blockchain? Bitcoin? Altcoin?

Are you a beginner in Crypto?

If your answer is NO to either of the above then sadly this course is not for you – if you shoot me off an email then I’m sure I can direct you to the right place. However, if you answer is yes for a very small fee, I’m going to let you become a:



Elite group of people ready to fight against the banks and their autonomy, charges and unfair structures for holding our hard-earned money.

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Weekly Webinar – First weekly webinar is scheduled for Thursday 11th January 1900 GMT – click HERE to make sure you’re on the list and you’ll be invited, or to be prepared for next one!

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Each week there will be a lesson and each week it will probably give rise to a number of smaller lessons as we find out your pain points, what’s confusing you, what terms we need explaining more. This will all come as a result of direct feedback from our weekly webinars.

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he videos will make most sense accompanied by the PDF guide – all of the videos shall consist of either. How to series – where we explain step by step what to do from beginning to end. Webinar – where we talk and invite you to ask lots and lots and lots of questions and these questions may turn into answers on our FAQ section or in the PDF guide or in a separate video series (e.g. how to own a MASTERNODE).

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Remember this is a numbers game, the more people that get into crypto means the more wealth they can all create. For each signed and paid up member I’m going to give you an extra special signing up bonus. If any of them are hesitant we can allow them to attend one lesson for free.

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Remember we’re not trying to teach you how to become overnight millionaires (heck we would love to but this isn’t possible in a market that’s changing at 100Km per hour) we’re just teaching you a few simple rules and strategies through this book hoping that these will make a difference to your lives.

These are real people who are really investing their hard-earned FIAT Currency. All of them can be reached through us and their testimonials speak volumes for themselves. As long as they stick to the PLAN and make notes then things will work for them.
NONE of us in the team are professional financial advisers. We all do this as a side income. We’re learning with you. We’re recording all of the findings and publishing them to you in a series of videos and PDFs.