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Paul McKeown

Irish Crypto Advisor and Blockchain Comando, based in Poland, in lovely town of Poznań

Born in 1970 in the part of Ireland with the annoying n. in front of it, quickly moved to Dun Laoghaire (go on I dare you to try to pronounce the name of this Dublin suburb), and then to Stafford where I went to Uni. I remember playing at the age of 10 a Sinclair Spectrum 48K. I started learning the BASIC programming language. Rewind a couple of years and I become a pro developer. I loved working with databases, happily entering stock for business inventories for private customers while studying and trying to earn some money. After forming a computer software company in 2001 I went out and hired a bunch of developers. Few years later I focused on Blockchain technology and during my world trips I discovered Crypto. My main activity is still web and mobile app development projects but I am getting more and more involved in crypto projects. My main mission is to convince all of them to invest at least 100 – 1000 – 1200 of their currency (e.g. USD, EUR, GBP) into crypto (and remember crypto is not just Bitcoin and Ethereum – there are lots of others too, more than 1300 others in fact). My interests include mobile apps, a special fondness for emoji’s, cryptography, economics, social science, rationalist philosophy, and somewhere at the end of it I do have a passion for the football team Manchester United – sometimes I ask myself why but then I remember with fondness 26th May 1999 and a particularly lovely night in Barcelona.

If you have a crypto question or an idea for crypto business – Contact me!