CRYPTO COMPETITION - WIN 100 euros worth of your favourite ALTCOIN / BITCOIN

Welcome to our website - Bittencoins - the brainchild of Paul, Mark, Jack and Ana.

We're here and we're CRUSHING COINS, why? Cos WE LOVE CRYPTO, blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins, icos and all the rest. We got in late due to a series of problems with Polish companies and now we've made it our main aim to try to educate and train people especially east of the German border (behind the former iron curtain) how to be honest, ethical and cooperative in the true spirit of crypto. We're doing this a little tongue in cheek and attempting to be humorous. Our first attempt is by playing little games with most (non lactose intolerant) peoples favourite substance - chocolate, Then we plan to move on with an exciting new range of crypto apparel.